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We take care of any of your heating needs, whether you need a repair or a new furnace installed.

How Your Heating System Works

A gas furnace works by burning natural gas or propane as fuel and sending the combusted heat through the furnace's heat exchanger. The furnace's blower will move cold air from the return, and then blow over the heat exchanger sending warm air out the supply ducts.

An electric furnace works a little differently by using a combination of the furnace's electric heat strips and often is paired with the heat pump outside. Heat pumps have the capability to reverse the flow of refrigerant and act as both a heating or a cooling system.

Services and Repairs

We provide preventative maintenance and repairs on both gas furnaces and electric heat systems. We can identify safety issues inside the furnace's heat exchanger and prevent minor problems before they become large, expensive repairs.

New Installations

After about 10-15 years, old systems begin to wear down and operate with less efficiency. When this happens and more repairs are needed, then the most feasible option is to replace the furnace or heat pump with a new system. Every system we install comes with a 10 year parts warranty and a 1 year warranty on labor.

Peace of mind for you and your family.

Air Benders Heating and Cooling wants you to be reassured and comfortable. We guarantee all repairs and services with a one-year warranty.